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NBIS Primary

A warm welcome to our wonderful Primary Section  at NBIS!

Our Primary  Section is a unique and special community which puts learning at the heart ofeverything we do. We utilise the Cambridge Primary Curriculum to guide  our teaching and learning, and make every effort to ensure we meet every student’s   learning needs. The Cambridge Curriculum facilitates a seamless transition from  Early Years and on to Secondary.

Teachers  assess each student’s learning continually and provide feedback to help  students be the best they can be. Cambridge Progression and Checkpoint Tests  are also used to provide valuable information about a student’s learning.

Primary  students benefit from specialist teachers in Art, Music, Physical Education and  Drama. ICT skills are developed using pods of iPads in our classrooms. Reading  and Mathematics are also supported by each student having access to online  programmes for home and school use.

Teachers  are committed to developing strong learning relationships with their students  and this is supported by having two teachers in each classroom, one native English speaker and one  Chinese trained teacher. They work side by side, and this partnership offers  the chance to work effectively with students of all abilities. Our whole school  Inclusion Team also assists in this regard.

Our Primary  Section offers a range of electives and after school activities over the year,  giving our students the opportunity to pursue their personal interests and  talents or simply, to try something new.

For more  information on the Cambridge Curriculum visit:

Morgan  Wayne

Head  of Primary